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From Wing to Pen

From Pen to Tooth

28 December 1983
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3 doors down, ad&d, adventure, ancient history, ancient philosophy, animals, anime, aristotle, attic greek, birch trees, birds, books, bravery, celtic, choice, classics, conviction, counting crows, creative writing, dancing, dark materials, diotima, diversity, elements, enfp, enlightenment, enya, eyes, fairy tales, fantasy, fate, feathers, feminism, final fantasy, flowers, folk lore, forests, future, gaelic, garth nix, gods, graduate school, gypsies, haiku, harry potter, history, hope, idealism, idealists, inquisitiveness, intelligence, intuition, j.r.r. tolkein, knowledge, languages, latin, learning, lenoir-rhyne college, light, literary theory, literature, lorena mckennitt, love, magic, marcus aurelius, marx, meaning, memory, middle ages, minds, music, mysticism, mythology, nature, nature gods, new age, ogham, oil pastels, oracles, our lady of peace, paladin, paradox, passion, patience, philosophy, plato, poetry, politics, prophecy, psychology, puppies, questions, quotes, radical ideas, recycling, religion, renaissance faires, return of the king, rhetoric, robert jordan, role playing, rome, rumi, runes, sages, scarves, scottland, seneca, sky, snuggling, socialism, socrates, socratic method, sophocles, soul, spirit, spirituality, stones, sumerian, sustainable living, swords, tamora pierce, tarot, teachers, theatre, theory, thinking, thomas hobbes, thoreau, tickling, tolerance, transcendentalists, trees, true love, truth, u2, understanding, utopia, utopianism, vertical horizon, wandering, wheel of time, wicca, wilderness, wildlife, wind, word of the day, world domination, writing